Building your toddler skills through toys

Toys are must have items in every home with baby, toddlers, and kids. Even a lot of adults keep purchasing toys as the way to entertain them. For toddler, toys are not just considered as the items to switch their attention and occupy them. Toys function more as the items to make the toddlers happy and educate them. Many parents provide enough toys and seem to purchase another and other toys for their toddlers, while the other parents choose to be more selective in choosing the right toys. What about you? There must be a lot of toys at home, right? It is better for you not to think toys as the objects created to occupy your toddler’s attention. You have to think wider and believe that toys have important role in developing your toddler crucial skills.

By playing the toys, your child automatically develops her emotion, social, intellectual, and problem solving skills especially when the toys allow her to play with the peers or siblings. Do you notice the colorful toys you have bought for your toddler? Yes, it is colored for some purposes. Your toddler will be attracted more to something colorful. She has the chance to observe and experience with color and shape. Also, the colors will stimulate her mind and associate to real objects around her. Simple toys that allow your toddler to put the items with the same shape into specific hole will be beneficial for her sense of touch and pattern. She will be able to recognize whether the pattern fits the hole or not. By doing this, your child is developing the shape and pattern recognition. The bonuses are your toddler will enhance the memory and coordination.

If you buy dolls for her, she will imagine the situation may happen with the dolls. The cow, pig, and perhaps elephant dolls you buy will make your toddler curious about those animals in reality. It means her imagination is built and you may also purchase DVD which shows those animals in the natural habitat. Take her to the zoo if it is possible, so that your toddler will learn more. Cooking set toys that you bought means a lot for increasing her cooking interest. You will be surprised to know that she may create certain food you never imagine before.