Never satisfied with your current parenting skills

Looking at your child with her ability will make you feel very happy. She is the one who is so adorable and smart. You can be proud also because it mostly happens because you apply proper parenting methods. The current results are she respects others, you never deal with her tantrum, she shows good attitude, she follows home rules, and many others. No yelling has ever heard at home. On weekend, you sometimes spend the afternoon by visiting the book store and get her necessities. With your current success on raising your child, you are supposed to keep improving your parenting skills. You cannot be satisfied and think that you have done enough things related to your child growth.

You have to keep learning because your child is going to face more complicated things each day. She will interact with friends at school and in the neighborhood. It means you are not the only actor who determined her good behavior and attitude. When she is more than eight years old, she has the right to state her opinion. So, you have to learn the way to listen and talk to her more carefully. When she grows up, you are going to face different and perhaps more complicated things. She may fall in love and it makes her change her attitude. Or, she may feel uncomfortable to hang out with you and choose to go with her peers. In addition, she may be affected and influenced by peer pressure, media, and internet. If you do not improved your parenting skills, you will get stressed and perhaps think that you fail in raising your child. No! You do not fail yet. as long as you keep gathering new information about the way to raise your child, you have bigger opportunity to be success. The era will be different and you will face much more different things.