The right toys for your toddler

When you and your toddler go to the toy shop, both of you will see various toys to choose. You may feel like in the wonderland with all happiness the toys will create. However, you cannot say yes to whatever your child chooses to buy. She may think that the good toys are the ones which are colorful or cute. But, you have to think another factors before agree to purchase certain toys. Some parents decide to go to the toy shop without taking the toddlers. It is done to avoid tantrum and if it happens, they tend to choose wrong toys. You may also think that way if your child sometimes cannot be controlled. Walking in the toys aisles can be confusing and overwhelming at the same time.

In choosing the toys, you need to think about the durability. The toys should last at least four until six months. This will provide enough time for your toddler to explore the toys totally. The toys should be able to play more than one ways, so that your child has the opportunity to think creatively about the way to play the toys. For example, you may decide to have blocks with various colors and shapes. They can be built into various buildings based o your toddler’s imagination. Certain toys like ball, bucks and shovel, watering can, and bug catchers can be bought to give opportunity for her to play outside. She may run and catch the ball happily.

Another thing you should have on your mind is the toy must be easily held by your toddler. It must be safe and free from choking hazard. The blocks you bought must be a little big bigger, so that your toddler will not be able to put inside her mouth. It is due to the facts that choking sometimes happens to some children. You may also buy toys which allow social interaction. Your toddler will not be able to play the toys alone, but she needs her peer, sibling, and even you to play with. This will build her social and language skills because she needs to communicate with others while playing. She will also learn to obey the rules and wait for the turn to play.